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The Moon - Calendar phase of Moon free app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 9136 ratings )
Developer: Vitalii Gryniuk
Current version: 3.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Mar 2016
App size: 17.91 Mb

Moon Phases Calendar - universal lunar calendar for any Locations from 0001 to 2100 years.

Lunar calendar is one of the oldest calendars in modern society.
A lunar month can only be 29 or 30 days long. This is different than a solar based calendar, where the length is arbitrarily fixed.

- Moonrise
- Moonset
- Moon phases
- Lunar Days
- Illumination
- Distance
- Position

- Sunrise
- Sunset
- Altitude
- Azimuth
- Distance

- English
- Russian

How it use:
- View day info: tap on "Day number"
- Change year on Calendar: tap on year number

Pros and cons of The Moon - Calendar phase of Moon free app for iPhone and iPad

The Moon - Calendar phase of Moon free app good for

I reccomend this app very useful for people that gros vegetable
This app is accurate and well designed visually pleasing to the eye. I like it a lot & use it often. Thanks!
excellent app. I always show it to people when they are wondering what phase the moon is in, moonrise time etc. visually pleasing and simple, a must for any moon-lover.
I currently use it for quick reference on when exactly is the Full or New moons at. (To get my hair cut. ) and tap open and voila all info on main screen. Perfect.
This ap is perfect for tracking the moon. Very interesting. Cool layout easy to use. I paid for the no ad and calendar. Totally worth it.
Does exactly what youd expect it to do and does it elegantly. I use this to plan when to leave town and do some astrophotography.

Some bad moments

Gives me motion sickness.. The moon and text stays still while the stars move with the slightest movement of your phone. You have to pay to unlock the calendar function. I deleted it.
seems to work ok , but its a little confusing and theres a constant stream of ads running along the bottom! It costs $1.99 to clear the adds and another $.99 to unlock the rest of the calendar! this App is very disappointing and I removed it from my iPhone!
Your going to charge me to "unlock the calendar" so I can check next months info? I deleted your app and got one for FREE.
How cheap do you have to be to want to charge me for a moon phase calendar to use the calendar feature? Deleted immediately since I dont care to know the moon phase for today, I actually need a calendar.
Would rate higher but this app does not unlock calendar even after I paid for it.
I bought the full calendar add on and it does not work. It keeps saying I need to buy it!

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