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Love ❤️ moon 🌙 phase tracker

I love everything about this app. I have several space spa but this is just the moon and lets me see way in advance

Worth buying

It's simple and clearly gives the info you need. Worth paying for the moon calendar.


Love this app. Tells you everything you need to know about the phases of the moon as well as other info in a simple to understand format.


Comes in handy

Like the app but..

I paid for the pro version and nothing is different.

I like it!

Very nice app, I like

Works great

Works just fine. Does what the app description says it will.


I love it. Easy to use. Go back in time or forwards and find out where the moon has and will be. That’s the best feature.

Moonlight Camping

I like to plan my camping trips around the night sky. Sometimes I want to photograph the stars & planets ( astrophotography), so I need to know when the moon sets early or when it’s a new moon. Sometimes I want to photograph the landscape under a full moon. This app helps me plan my camping for the optimal conditions ( weather excluded)!! And sometimes I just want to camp. Then I check on the app to see what I can expect and prepare for those moony nights!

Hunt & Fish by the Moon!

Use it all the time to hunt fish. Make It a GREAT Day! The Col.™️

Great to follow moon phases

Best app I have found to follow and study moon phases it will help in different areas of study ex. best times to go fishing etc.

deleted app, still getting charged.

i fell in love with the app and decided to upgraded to the 99 cent package. thinking it would unlock the zodiac meanings. it did not. deleted the app few months after because the upgrade wasn’t really much of a upgrade. guess who still is getting charged?? this girl. please stop charging me! i don’t use the app anymore

Love this app

Enjoying this app. It gives me everything I need to plan my photo shoots.

Perfect for Me!

Love everything about this app. It has all the info you need!

Does It’s Job

Does exactly what it supposed to

Great app

Good features, I use it for occult reasons as well as curiosity. Recommend this to anyone. The moon is an amazing piece of the night we should all get familiar with

Simple & Easy

Love it! I often just want to know the percentage of fullness and some other basic information which the app shows as soon as you open it. If you want more detail, you can dig deeper.

Very cool!

Works great


A quick little app that’s easy to access and understand.

Good for what you need

Works good does what I need it for thank you

Couldn’t love it more!

So great, love this app!’

Love it

I have used many different Moon apps before and got frustrated because it was to many ads and not enough information. Thank you for creating this wonderful app!

Great Moon Phase app

I like it.

Great for tracking the waxing and waning of the moon!

I love tracking the phases of the moon, because I’m one of those nuts who believes the nuts do come out when the moon is full. I used to have another app before this one but the developer is gone and the app doesn’t anymore update. It was called Moonphase, and you could set it to howl to remind you of the impending full moon. I thought that was fun and quirky, I wish this app had that because I truly miss it so. It was just a fun thing to have and joke around and show people. Maybe if you find the developer and work something out and add it to this? Otherwise it is an excellent app!

Perfectly handy.

This tech app gives quick and easy or further detailed information on the constant Moon cycle. I love it. 🌚🌝🌑🌕


I love this app. Not only does it show what faze the moon is in it also tells what sighs that it is passing through. It’s also eye candy for lovers of the moon.

New to the App

I am new to this app but so far I really like it. Very user friendly!

First Dates and new work projects

I always make a first date on a new moon- the relationship has a much better shot! This AP has helped my romantic life! I delayed the beginning of my current job and I am still here 2 years later- starting a new job when the moon is waxing is important and this AP makes it easy! Also if someone owes you money ask for it when the moon is waning- people will let go of things more easily when the moon is getting smaller.

Great app for tracking the moon phases

Love this app!

Great App

Best app for finding moon data

Easy to use

And the moon will send you fun quirky messages when it’s doing it’s thing!

Moon app is great

I like it!

Always accurate!

I work in a service industry and we can always sense when the moon is full or new. I just check this app to be sure! So helpful when things seem to be crazy! Nope, it’s just the moon 😉🌕🌑

Easy to use

Good app

Great App, Should be Free All Around Though

It’s a simple, great app. I love it. But there are so many parts blocked off unless you pay to unlock and it’s really ridiculous. There is no reason the app isn’t all around free, you shouldn’t have to pay for those features. And it’s super easy to accidentally tap to purchase which isn’t cool. Other than that I love it though and use only the free stuff and it is enough. No crazy adds that take away from the experience which is nice. If an app comes along with free in house moon charts I will drop this for that in an instant.

Inaccurate information

For instance, today it says the full moon rises at 10:00 am, a physical impossibility

It’s heckin’ goode

Helps me find vv important full moon woof

Syed Raza

Very accurate and informative.

Great app!

Up to date and accurate app! Love it..


Love this app!

Great app

My purpose for having the app is for tracking the phases of the moon during the month , and it works great.

Good app but was a feature taken away?

A few months ago you were able to swipe left and the app would give a description of the zodiac sign that the moon was in! Is that feature gone? It was my favorite part... besides that great app!

The moon

I love the moon, my wife

Very helpful

This is beneficial for those wondering about the current moon phase! It’s correct, nicely setup, and pretty!!🌕🌒🌗

Good for kids and adults

Very informative love to check it with my grandkids it has fostered a budding interest in astronomy for them.

Love it

Love how I can see what I want right away

Great app

Everything needed to track moon phases.

Moon app

Does exactly what it’s supposed to.


Does what I need. User friendly. 🌙


It’s great to follow the moon phases.

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