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Brings JOY

I have never paid the moon very much attention, but this app has changed that! While following the moon cycles I have seen a Blood Moon and a couple Super Moons. Really enjoying this app! 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕

Not useful

The app is not for somebody who is not generally interested in astronomy. If you're just looking to check the phases of the moon including full moons with their actual names and sunrise and sunset you're out of luck completely

Nice but Wrong

I really wanted to give this app five stars and probably would have if I had rated it in the first week or two after I got it. I love apps that do one thing well. This app has a simple, beautiful interface, presents information well, is free and doesn’t have ads. But, it doesn’t do its one thing well! Today, for example (12/9/2017), the moon is at 60 percent illumination with eight days til the next new moon, and on the main screen it says “Last quarter.” No-ooo, that’s a waning gibbous moon, not last quarter. This sort of thing happens often.

Straight forward guide



Simple and easy to use. perfect app


Great App! Love it!

Great app for moon watchers

Great app for those who follow the phases of the moon. I am a fisherman, and moon phase is often critical to a successful trip. This app is easy to use and provides a wealth of information that is useful to me.

Moon App

Easy to use.


I love this app!

Woah, Earth has moon!!?

Apparently the Earth has a moon... This app say so. 🌮 This app also give great detail of said moon! 🌎💛🌖

Moon Goddess Connection

A couple of novices to our coven bring a tremendous enthusiasm and love for our Moon Goddess. This app is exceptional. The knowledge and arrangements of information of the Moon is a blessing for us. We use this app as an alternative learning tool. I do miss the brother wolf howl during the full moon. Also miss the different names of the moons whether according to Indigenous cultures, Celtic, or Norse. Adds a bit of heritage. I really enjoy learning about the Moon, it’s affects on the ebb and flow of natural living here on Mother Earth. Thank you to the creators of this app. Number #1. Merry meet and merry part, blessings always come from our hearts. )O(

I love love love LOVE this app

I use this app constantly. I love it! I love how it gives you information about the stage of the moon for each day. It is so helpful and I love it!

Great Visual

I like the size & graphics.

Love this app!

Very happy with it. It's easy to use & gives lots of info. Love it!

Great app for school aged kids!

Great app to assist our kiddos with assignments!


this app is great, does exactly what it says, no complaints by far. thank you so much for making it!

ploto is. A PLANET

very intriguing and impressive i love pluto

Great moon calendar

Very useful to see when full and new moon are. Convenient in a monthly calendar format.

works for me. i like that.


Love this app

This app is awesome!!

Highly enjoyable

I used to have a fairly humble watch that showed the phases of the moon. The watch died and I’ve opted for something more expensive, but no moon phases. This app does a great job of replacing that function and more. It’s very well designed and entertaining as well as informative.

Nifty tool

This meets my expectations.... I am VERY PLEASED 😬

Nice app

Beautiful app and it works well. Would be nice if it offered audio alerts 15 min or so before the moon rises.

Great App for Wiccan use.

I really enjoy using this. I haven’t paid for the full extent of the app I don’t feel that it’s necessary. But, it better than the other apps for moon mapping.

Best one yet

I love this application. I use it all the time!


Thank you 💋

Bait & Swithc

I give this app a one star because the free one is not free. You click on the calendar, oops, pay $2.99. You want no ads, add .99. I just hate this tricky dishonesty. To the developer, List the price, the real price. Don’t play games!


App works well and is efficient :)


This is a fantastic app. I appreciate how user friendly it is. I only have one suggestion: Please change all occurrences of the word “pry” to “pray”. Thank-you!

Very helpful.

It’s easy to use, and very helpful.

Nice Ap

I miss the howling wolf found on another ap at full Moon, the other ap was never updated for the latest iOS.

Great app, I love it

It is a very accurate app with nice view of each moon phases, I love it , D.


Poor definition of what everything means, especially the zodiac signs each day of the week. What do they mean

Great app!

I have nothing bad to say it’s a great app.

It's cool

That's all.

Text is nonsensical, have to buy in-app purchases to make it function

1) this is an actual sentence from the app: “activate maximum of you awareness”. Seriously. The whole text about any given day is gibberish that sounds like a bad google translate... and it probably is? 2) to use the “calendar function” shown in the preview for the app (the whole reason I downloaded it) you have to make an in-app purchase. I would have been fine with paying $2 for this app - but to give it as a nearly non-functional free download and force in app purchases to make it function fully is shady. Deleting.


Have to pay for names and the calendar. What's the point of making it a free app then?

Easy to use - spot on!

Use this daily - love the accuracy and it knows my location when I travel! 🙌🏻

Love this app

It helps me keep track of moon phases which is wonderful. It makes my life easier and my arrangements around the moon phases on point.

Love and use daily!!!

I use this app throughout the day, every day!! I love the details and options!!! I wish it could be set to home screen!!! Highly recommend if you follow the moon cycles!!! :D Thank you!

Great app

Clear and instant presentation


Used to tell better fishing days.

Moon app polk

This is a great app!!!!

Great app

I highly recommend!

Great App

Works as described


Love the app. Always nice to know when the next full moon is going to be.



Great program!

All I care about is a program that can tell me the proper moon phase and rise/set times in my area (surprising how hard this is to find). So I'm very happy with one that will do what I need and MORE and even offers the pay option for EVEN MORE! Can't go wrong with this program. I'm very happy!!! :-D

Love this app

I love having the cycles of the moon at my fingertips!

Fun with the Stars

A pleasure to see and follow and learn more than you knew. Including zodiac symbols and effects. Many thanks.

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