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Great for photography

I occasionally like to take pictures of the moon. I like being able to check the percentage of face, the rise and set times, and the waxing and waning. It is nice to be able to go back in time or ahead in time for to categorize or plan for photos.

Perfect app

Perfect app

I like it

I use it to plan kayaking and camping trips under a full moon. The werewolf howl is funny when it just happens unexpectedly. It gives me all the info I need.


Awesome app. Totally helps with casting.

App that appeases

Enjoying the app. It serves my information needs.

Full moons

I got it to get alerts on a full moon. Everybody seems to be grumpy on these days. It tells me when I should stay away from everyone.

Love this app

Easy to use

Cool features, almost all locked

So many features require a purchase (not even a 1 time purchase of a premium version of the app, but a purchase for each tiny feature!). Fine if you just want to know tonight’s moon phase, but there are definitely better apps out there.

I like this app

It is fast and does its thing very well. Use it daily.

Love it!

Love it!

You NEED this app IFFF...

You love knowing what type of moon it is so you can look outside and see either a huge moon or barley any moon at all!

The Moon

I just discovered this app and I am so excited, there is so much to explore and learn! It’s the new moon, good time to try new things and set intentions, thank you for this new tool!

Love it!

Thank you for a wonderful app!

when u have this app

👍 ✌️

Needs QA for language

Could be a very cool app but have a hard time deciphering the broken English. Would be worth investing in a translator. The rest of the app is pretty good for usability and design

Good basic Moon app

It’s perfect, just get it, trust me.

Almost perfect

I enjoy this app. It gives info I need. Thank you.

Goof App for Pilots!

As a pilot using NVG’s (night vision goggles) for night flying, this app is very useful. We check the moon status ie: waning / waxing to predict our night vision illumination before a night flight. Perfect! A+!

The Moon

Curiously reassuring!

Very Helpful

I would suggest this app over absolutely any other to keep track of the moon in specific details. I love it !

Love it!

We all need more moon, this helps

Love this moon app !

No matter where you call home, you can check out lots of lunar information with this app. I live without a great view of the night sky... and it is not light pollution up here in northern New York State...its called cloud cover. Not to worry. I open the app and loads of data is at my fingertips. The only missing piece is it doesn’t come with the soundtrack of “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd.


I think this app is pretty interesting ... I love Science and like to learn about it ! The moon has always interested me...

Need more settings options

The app should have the option to unselect the zodiac data. Zodiac data is not needed for the serious navigator.


Really handy app to know the moon phases

Get to know the Moon Phases

All our lives the moon comes and goes and most of us have little or no idea what’s going on. This handy app remedies all that!

This is a great app, thoroughly enjoyable.

This is a great app, very detailed and the accessories that are available is a very nice bonus for this app. I especially like the feature to look ahead on the calendar to see when the next full moon will be. I recommend this app to many and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Well done App Store and those whom develop these apps.

Just the thing

I don’t want more or less. Harder target to design for than one might think. Q

The Moon

This App will be great if you will add Time in Hours and Minutes for the new Moon date (which is already available). Thanks

Works well

Nice app.

The best moon app I have seen!

I have tried using other moon apps, which I use for many reason but specifically because I am a moon and sun lover! This one is just the best one out that. It’s free, loads, never has any trouble, and no ads!


Simple to navigate; information presented clearly and concisely. Use app almost daily - definitely recommend

Nice app.

Good to be able to be informed about the moon before scheduling appointments, travel, etc. This app allows for that and much more.

Perfect lunar lovers app

Thanks for making everything I could ever want to know about the moon easily accessible!


I use this app all the time!

App use

Works great use it all the time for coyote hunting and fishing.

Keep your eye on the moon

I highly recommend this app I believe that if everyone knew when the full Moon was coming we would be able to prepare for the lunacy that happens when we don’t. This is just my way of preparing for the next full Moon. Thank you for sharing this app. Peace be with you all. God love you.

Moon app

Really nice!

The ever present moon

Nice to see a true reflection of that wonderful celestial body.

I love it

It’s a hobby of mine to track the moon and it’s phases. Even more so what they represent.

I love this moon app.

I have been taking photos of the moon for 15 years! I took two absolutely great photos of the eclipse, one is the complete eclipse, the other is what I call the Grand Jubilee caught just as the sun created over the moon. I really want to take even more photos of the moon!!! So this app is just what I need.

Awesome! Love it

Nuff said

Thank you.

This app awesome. And it’s been indispensable in setting the Lunar calendar on my Grandfather Clock. Thanks


I truly love this app. Beautiful, sophisticated & genius...Well worth the Premium.

The Creator of this reality is amazing!

Great App to help us keep the true Sabbath!!

Love this app! Everything I want to know about the moon wherever I am, thanks to its GPS locator.

Thanks for making such a great app available!

Great app, very esthetically pleasing

I use it every night


I love how God created the heavens and the earth. To watch the phases of the moon even on a cloudy day is awesome!!!

Great app

Very easy and complete

Full moon of an app!

Simple, easy to use. Great graphics. Well done app. I use it every time I notice people behaving crazy all around me, and guess what? That’s when the moon is fullest!

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