The Moon - Calendar phase of Moon free App Reviews

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Good App

I reccomend this app very useful for people that gros vegetable

Great Graphics & Accurate

This app is accurate and well designed visually pleasing to the eye. I like it a lot & use it often. Thanks!


excellent app. I always show it to people when they are wondering what phase the moon is in, moonrise time etc. visually pleasing and simple, a must for any moon-lover.

Its perfect for my need.

I currently use it for quick reference on when exactly is the Full or New moons at. (To get my hair cut. ) and tap open and voila all info on main screen. Perfect.

Great !

This ap is perfect for tracking the moon. Very interesting. Cool layout easy to use. I paid for the no ad and calendar. Totally worth it.

Excellent app

Does exactly what youd expect it to do and does it elegantly. I use this to plan when to leave town and do some astrophotography.


Enjoy it!

Best moon info source

Best moon phase app I found, better than most of the popular websites too. Has everything I you need to check current moon phase and calendar. Also has alerts.

Does the job for my needs

Great app

The Moon

Great app !!!! Useful and enjoyable !!! Thank you for such a great app!!!!

Motion sickness, have to purchase calendar

Gives me motion sickness.. The moon and text stays still while the stars move with the slightest movement of your phone. You have to pay to unlock the calendar function. I deleted it.

Excellent app; would recommend to others.

This app is very useful. I have not purchased anything in the app and it still meets the basic needs for it. With no in-app purchases, the app shows you the current phase of the moon, and the predicted phases for every day of the current month. It also shows zodiac/astrological signs for each day of the current month in a separate calendar you can click on. The only in-app purchase I have so far come across is to access the full year calendar. As-is, you can only see moon phases for the current gregorian month. To see phase predictions for future months, you have to pay 99c for the full gregorian year calendar, where it whows how the moon phases correlate with the most popular solar calendar. I have no idea if you would have to renew that when the new year starts or not. The moon phases seem accurate. When I compare by looking at my phone and looking up at the night sky, it seems to always be on-target. It is great when you cant remember what the moon phase is today and are indoors (or cant see the moon), and is great for planning events around the moon phase for the current month. If you are female and your menstrual cycle correlates with a certain moon phase, its an easy way to get an idea of around when your next menstruation will be - essential when trying to make plans. In addition, it shows approximately when the moon will be visible in the sky and for how long, which is nice. It also tells you the number of days until the new moon or full moon, and how long the moon has been waxing/waning. For anyone interested in the lunar cycle, this is a very useful app and I am personally impressed with it, especially since it is free, and the price for in-app purchases is not bad for what you are getting. I would definitely recommend this app to others.

Can we have an area for daily notes?

Great app!!! Keep up the good work!

The Moon

Thank you for this App, which will be excellent if you will add New Moon Time and date. Best wishes.

not bad but......

seems to work ok , but its a little confusing and theres a constant stream of ads running along the bottom! It costs $1.99 to clear the adds and another $.99 to unlock the rest of the calendar! this App is very disappointing and I removed it from my iPhone!

Charge me for WHAT !

Your going to charge me to "unlock the calendar" so I can check next months info? I deleted your app and got one for FREE.

Pay to use the calendar in the calendar app

How cheap do you have to be to want to charge me for a moon phase calendar to use the calendar feature? Deleted immediately since I dont care to know the moon phase for today, I actually need a calendar.

Moon Calendar

Was looking for a moon calendar for the actual phases an such & it helped out greatly for me. I purchased the no ads and i can see past a month know as well. Love it!!!

Moon love!

I like knowing what phase the moon is in. I also like having that knowledge on my phone at my fingertips. A little more info would be nice and no pay to get that knowledge would be better, but I understand somebody has to pay for the usage.


I love the information I get from Weather Bug. Ive had it on 3 previous phones, and I wouldnt be without it.

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